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Advantages of Professional Fire Damage Remediation in Fairfield Glade

10/19/2019 (Permalink)

Home with smoke and fire damage. We know what it takes to get your Fairfield Glade home back on the top from fire damage.

SERVPRO will show you the advantages of our help with your Fairfield Glade home.

When a Fairfield Glade residence suffers a fire loss, a determined homeowner might try to clean up smoke and soot damage as a do-it-yourself project. A decision to try to clear away the residues caused by the combustion of structural components and the contents of your home is understandable.  The specialized nature of smoke and soot cleanup makes the goal difficult to achieve. Work with us to ensure mitigation and remediation efforts occur in a timely fashion, following the restoration industry's best practices.

Safety Issues Require Professional Attention

When fire damages your Fairfield Glade home safety concerns during cleaning are a high priority. Water used in extinguishing the flames needs evacuation to avoid slips and falls and secondary water damage. As a blaze moves from room to room, no items are spared. Synthetic materials common in home construction and decor create toxic residues that can be harmful to breathe and cause irritation when they touch your skin. Because of these concerns, we follow a protocol that requires our technicians to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while performing cleaning tasks and activities. 

Containment and Air-Filtering Strategies

Often SERVPRO sets up a containment area, isolating the affected space during work phases. Negative pressure air scrubbers ensure airborne contaminants pass through HEPA filters, capturing them for safe and lawful disposal. The use of air scrubbers can permit clean areas of your home to remain available as living spaces during a project. Remaining in your home during cleanup limits disruption and is cost-effective.

Matching Soils to Appropriate Products and Techniques

Smoke created by fire contains solids that deposit on surfaces as soot. Depending on the temperature of the blaze, the amount of oxygen available, and the materials burned, the sooty residue consistencies vary. SERVPRO technicians receive training targeted at selecting appropriate methods and products to loosen and lift different types of soot from structural components and contents. Completion of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework plus on the job mentoring from more experienced crew members lead to successful results.

Count on the crews from SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties to deliver consistently high-quality fire damage remediation services. Call (931) 250-5333 any time, 24/7, to arrange an assessment and preliminary mitigation and remediation plan.

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Call The Team With The Most Experience In Crossville Flood Damage Restoration

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

A pipe that caused a leak in the property SERVPRO techs are trained to locate the leak and minimize the deconstruction needed during the restoration process.

Why SERVPRO Involvement in Crossville Flood Damage Can Speed Recovery

One of the significant challenges facing Crossville homeowners coping with flooding is the inevitable tendency of floodwaters to migrate widely throughout a home. Exacerbating the issue is the contaminated nature of floodwaters. The heavy rains of a storm can mix with chemicals, decaying animals, and industrial residues. If sanitary drainage clogs up, raw sewage also becomes a concern. Our certifications and experience working with hazardous waste are why we are a good match for the job.

Flood Mitigation and Remediation Safety Measures

Slick surfaces and direct exposure to pathogens are two ways that flood damage can endanger Crossville homeowners. We consider these complications carefully as we develop your project management plan. Our technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as they shovel debris and pump out and extract the water. We contain the muck and floodwaters, collecting them for appropriate disposal per local rules and regulations. If the silt and dirt deposited a heavy coating on surfaces, freshwater rinsing helps before cleaning with EPA-registered products. Our resources include negative pressure air scrubbers, installed in the working area to capture airborne debris. The broad array of safety precautions we employ is why our involvement helps limit further concerns.

Controlled Demolition Enhances Mitigation

Despite the messy appearance, the choice we make to employ controlled demolition improves the chances for successful mitigation and remediation. Making flood cuts in drywall several inches above the flood line creates temporary flood damage that is straightforward to rebuild. During the time the cuts are in place reaching and extracting silt and water becomes easier, why SERVPRO plans for and implements them. The access also permits more thorough structural drying.  Air movers are better able to send warmed air behind saturated walls to facilitate the movement of water soaked into a structure into the air as vapor.

Disinfection Is a Required Step

After a thorough cleaning, we take advantage of EPA-registered antimicrobial agents to disinfect the surfaces soaked initially by the floodwaters. The viruses, bacteria, and fungal organisms that put your family at risk when the floodwaters swept in cannot get another chance to contaminate your home. Our persistence in managing these hazardous pathogens is why SERVPRO evidences the patience and knowledge needed to resolve a flood damage emergency safely. 

Our steadfast commitment to following industry best practices plus the possession of the resources to make it happen equals why SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties receives high praise from customers. Call us at (931) 250-5333 to access our experience, skills, and equipment when a flooding disaster occurs. 

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Why Professional Knowledge and Equipment are Necessary for Effective Water Removal in Crossville Homes

9/19/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Rubber Ducks on pavement Don't let ducks take up residence inside your home! Call SERVPRO for fast water removal.

Simple Factors That Might Interfere with Water Removal in Your Crossville Home

A wide range of incidents can leave various sections of your Crossville property submerged in water. Whatever incident leads to such an outcome, you have to remove the water fast to save your property from severe damage. Various steps, including extraction and dehumidification, help remove the water. However, some issues can interfere with the water removal process, especially if you do not hire a professional restorer.

Wrong Extraction Equipment

Most of the water removal processes in Crossville require equipment to accomplish. Choosing the wrong equipment can delay the process or even cause unintended damages. For example, when extracting water from the floor, it is essential to choose the right wand for carpeted areas and other materials such as wood. Our SERVPRO teams have both squeegee and carpet wands to ensure we do not damage the surfaces. We also ensure we have the right hose length for maximum efficiency when extracting water because extremely long ones reduce lift efficiency. Short ones, on the other hand, might force unnecessary movement of the equipment.


The final stage of water removal involves drying water that soaks into building materials and contents through evaporation. Compared to extraction, the process is 1200 times slower so any minor inefficiency can derail the drying timetable by a significant margin. Evaporation of moisture from materials increases the level of humidity in the surrounding air. After attaining the saturation point, it is not possible to continue drying. Increasing temperature helps air hold more moisture. Our SERVPRO technicians also take other steps, such as using dehumidifiers to extract moisture from the air or venting the saturated air outside the structure.

Moisture Transfer

Apart from stopping the drying process, the saturation of air with moisture can transfer water damage to areas initially unaffected. As the humid air moves to colder areas of your property, it condenses forming water droplets, thus causing wetness in the new areas. Such an outcome is likely if the evaporation rate is higher than the rate of dehumidification. Our SERVPRO technicians do calculations to determine the correct number and placement of air movers and dehumidifiers before starting the drying process.

With the right skills, water removal is more manageable. Call SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties at (931) 250-5333 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Let's Find that Hidden Moisture in Your Water Damaged Crossville Home with SERVPRO's Help!

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Yellow triangular sign showing a stick figure slipping on a water spill Don't Slip Up from a Water Leak in Your Crossville Property--Why Not Call SERVPRO for Fast Removal and Drying

Why SERVPRO Opens Enclosed Spaces During Water Removal Jobs in Crossville 

A flurry of activity happens in a Crossville home after sustaining a disastrous event. Without immediate action, the effects of most incidents spread and worsen. This increased amount of damage means additional work, time, and expense. SERVPRO always keeps your family in mind as the work progresses.

While we work on a house in Crossville needing water removal services, we often come across enclosed spaces built into the house's construction. While these dead spaces comprise only a small area, complete aeration is why SERVPRO sometimes must open these compartments. When spaces are too small for standard ventilation, cutting away a wall of the cavity allows us to do this. Our building services crew often performs this task for us.

Larger spaces forming enclosed cavities require an entry point and an exit point for dry air to ventilate these areas. Ventilation is crucial to attaining complete dryness again. Allowing any part of the structure to retain moisture can lead to mold infestations as well as harbor moisture that continues to evaporate into the house's environment, increasing water vapor levels.

Water removal methods should restore normal humidity inside your home. Opening up smaller spaces might seem unnecessarily destructive, but we always rebuild these spaces once dry, making things “Like it never even happened.” Whenever possible, however, we prefer making a pair of small openings for our Injectidry equipment's tubing over tearing down and reconstructing any structures. Weep holes are helpful, especially behind removed baseboards for allowing draining of enclosed water and then a means of forcing in warm, dry air.

The Injectidry equipment is very powerful, useful in several water removal situations, and highly efficient. Wooden floorboards and carpeting are two other places where we might pull out materials in your home to remove water from where it lies trapped. Of course, we attempt to extract hidden moisture first with drying mats that cover a small surface area and create great suction. No matter where we work to extract and remove water, we carefully monitor the area with equipment that reveals the location of moisture.

SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties helps restore homes in Fairfield Glade, Around Lake Tansi, and throughout Crab Orchard using internationally-accepted water removal methods. Call us at (931) 250-5333 and learn about the many other reasons why area residents call SERVPRO for restoration and mitigation services.

Our Flood Damage Professionals Can Save Your Crossville Home

9/5/2019 (Permalink)

Room with red couch and water covering the floor and wicking up the walls “Like it never even happened.”

Helping Your Home's Interior Dry As Quickly As Possible After A Flood Passes Through Crossville

When your home in Crossville was built, the building envelope became a crucial part of the structure. The envelope keeps the majority of the elements outside of your property while helping your heating and cooling equipment maintain your home's interior at a comfort level suitable for your family. However, no envelope is wholly airtight and allows air to escape or enter in small amounts.

The same small gaps that let air pass in or out of your house in Crossville also let flooding enter into the envelope's materials. While your living space becomes visibly drenched in dirty water, the interior cavities of your walls, floors, and other structures also soak up filthy water.

SERVPRO professionals learn during training that every component of a building, including houses, must come under scrutiny to ensure that our drying techniques resolve the saturation by thoroughly drying the entire structure. Water travels from damp areas into those with less moisture. Stripping the moisture from a room until our readings indicate that the area is dry again is only part of the goal.

We also need to dry out the envelope's structure. When moisture blocking materials are part of the structure, these can affect the drying process. Other materials might release moisture more slowly than other materials, making it necessary for us to use more intense methods.

The tighter the envelope around a house, the slower the interference from outside weather occurs. When the outside is drier than the interior of the house, we can often open up the windows and entryway doors to help decrease the amount of water vapor and subsequently, the load on our machines. However, after a flood or major storm, the air outside is often saturated. This makes the outside just as damp, and possibly even damper, then the interior environment.

Because of the variations in building materials and their permeability, as well as the tightness of the building envelope, we prepare a drying plan. Drying plans help keep our team efficient and on schedule. We monitor the progress to ensure that any needed changes happen as soon as possible.

Each job's drying plan differs from all others. One water emergency in the home might differ from another emergency that occurs in that same home because of seasonal changes, varying locations of invasive water, and the amount, as well. Without fail, we monitor each plan regularly, even if we have already done work at that same site in the past.

SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties responds to emergencies like flooding and storm damage in Sparta and Fairfield Glade. Call our emergency line, (931) 250-5333, so we can restore your property to preloss condition.

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We Help You Get Back To Business In Sparta After A Water Damage Disaster

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

piece of equipment that scans for water damage Many times there is hidden water which contributes to the damage. SERVPRO employs the use of high-tech equipment when dealing with restoration.

Commercial Water Damage Repair And Restoration In Sparta 

While outside flooding can cause problems around Sparta, most water intrusions come from common sources like a failed water heater, a split, overhead pipe, or some other plumbing issue. These problems may not draw as much attention as the Calfkiller River breaking its banks, but the results can be just as expensive when it comes to repairing or replacement of property. 

A leaking or broken pipe is not an uncommon problem in fitness centers and spas around Sparta. Eliminating commercial water damage in these Sparta businesses takes skill and experience in demolition, repair, and restoration of the facility. SERVPRO response teams rapidly do all this so that the owner and her customers can get back to their regular routines. 

The first action is to stop the source of water intrusion. The team leader shuts off the water as close to the leak point as possible so that other areas of the center can provide full service to customers as technicians work to resolve the issue. 

Next, SERVPRO team members pull down the section of the wall or ceiling in front of the leak to expose the problem for repair. Technicians can make most repairs, but if they find a major problem, the team leader recommends bringing in a licensed plumber. 

After completing repairs, technicians put everything back together. They replace any wall and ceiling frames too soaked by water for restoration, and then hang new wall panels and ceiling tile off them. Depending on the extent of the water damage, response teams can usually complete this in a day or two. 

As technicians complete restoration, other team members clear the fitness center of the water. They use extraction wands and other devices to remove the majority, and then switch to long-handled squeegees to push any remaining trace of moisture out the nearest door. 

SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan, & White Counties knows how important it is for customers and employees that every local business keeps its doors open. Our goal is to reopen every business here and in nearby communities like Crossville, Fairfield Glade, Lake Tansi as rapidly as possible after a plumbing or other water intrusion issue. If your business is underwater or has it running down a wall and across the floor, call us at (931) 250-5333 today. 

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We Can Handle Any Water Damage Obstacles in Your Sparta Home

8/14/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage needs to be dealt with immediately. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Water Cleanup Sparta – Frozen Water Pipes

We recently experienced one of the worst cold spells in the history of the state. Our clients are just not prepared for frigid weather that stays below freezing for more than twenty-four hours. A recent client lives in a home that is not well insulated, and the water pipes are in the outside walls of the home. The furnace was running, but it was simply not enough to prevent a frozen pipe from splitting and spraying water inside the wall of the kitchen. She noticed the problem when water began running along the wall and then spreading out over the kitchen flooring.

SERVPRO responded to the water cleanup call from our Sparta facility. The client was calling for help to remove the water and to find the location of the leak. She is a single mother and needed help quickly. She was worried about the potential damage to her home and not having any water to wash dishes and giver her kids a bath. Our dispatcher gave her encouragement and provided suggestions regarding what she can do to mitigate the damage. These steps include:

Turn off the main water intake valve

Mop up water with towels wherever possible

Keep the furnace running; warm air absorbs moisture in cold weather

Remove items from the floor that are wet or could become wet

Place furniture on blocks

Remove wet area rugs from floors

Our SERVPRO team arrived at the client's home and quickly took over. We removed the remaining water and vacuumed the area rugs. Our client has tiled floors so there was minimal damage to the actual floor. However, pillows, papers, and toys were wet and needed to be cleaned and dried. Our technicians brought in a large capacity dehumidifier to remove the remaining moisture from the building.

Finding the frozen pipe presented a significant challenge.

We found the damaged pipe, after opening a portion of the wall in the kitchen. Exposure to the warm air in the home quickly thawed the pipe, and a plumber was able to replace the damaged section of the pipe. Insulation was placed around the pipe, after the area was thoroughly dried, to prevent this situation in the future.

Call SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties at (931) 250-5333 for 24/7 service. We serve Crossville, Sparta, Lake Tansi, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Our Fast Response Will Save Your Crossville Property

8/3/2019 (Permalink)

Call us at (931) 250-5333.

Speed And Reliability: Why SERVPRO Is A Crossville Restoration Leader

Situated on the Cumberland Plateau, Crossville is surrounded by picturesque mountains, lush wildlife, lakes, streams, and the Cumberland Mountain State Park. Residents, businesses, and visitors enjoy the outdoors and the many cultural offerings of the city. Be secure in the knowledge that if disaster strikes our team of Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained managers and technicians are ready to mitigate and remediate the effects of water, fire, mold, or storm damage.

Water Damage
The typical reasons for water damage in Crossville are not storms and natural disasters. Just as in other regions, plumbing failures and appliance overflows or hose breaks are usually the reason for water losses. Even though these problems start with relatively clean water, avoid the temptation to wait for the moisture to drain away. Within 24 to 48 hours even potable supply line water percolates through crevices or soaks into porous building materials and can support microbial growth.

A wiser course is to contact SERVPRO for an assessment and recovery plan. We help arrange for repairs of the initial leak or rupture and then follow the migration path of the water to ensure we remove all of it. Our service vehicles not only stock pumps, extractors, and drying equipment. We also carry sensitive moisture meters and thermal imaging devices to ensure we map out the dimensions of the entire water incursion.

If water is trapped behind or under structural components, we employ best practice strategies to release and remove it. For example, water that trickled to the subfloor often responds well to a negative air pressure system. We seal mats to the wet areas on a hardwood floor, connect the mats to hoses and then a powerful extractor that suctions water from several layers. Once we remove the majority of the moisture, heated air movers and dehumidifiers reduce measured levels to normal.

Fire Damage
If a fire damages your Crossville home, make sure you contact us immediately after the firefighters release your property back to your control. The effects of the heat and smoke produced by fire are profound, damaging structures and contents immediately and progressively. Fire residues are toxic, and the air quality inside a burned house can be harmful. We have the IICRC training and advanced equipment and cleaning tools and products to complete fire cleanup safely and successfully.

As we remove the firefighting water, we often use air scrubbing technology to improve indoor air quality and start solving odor issues. HEPA filters catch airborne soot particles and vent to the outdoors from the work area, sealed with plastic sheeting and negative air pressure. Establishing a containment partition can permit you and your family to live in your home while we remove fire residues and debris, reducing expenses and disruption to your day to day routine.

Each type of soot and the affected surfaces have their  preferred cleaners and methods for effective remediation. Our technicians evaluate the characteristics of the residues we encounter and use best practices to eliminate them. We frequently recommend transporting damaged contents to our production facility for specialized treatments, including cleaning and deodorization. Once your property is cleaned, dried, and odor-free, we also return your restored possessions to make your house a home again.

Mold Remediation
If you fear that your Crossville home has mold damage, we encourage you to call us for practical solutions to what many consider a particularly noxious problem. Once we assess the areas you feel are mold-infested, our specialists follow a proven mold remediation protocol developed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Although no treatment can rid your home of mold spores, the procedures we follow paired with rigorous moisture control successfully eliminate active mold growth.

SERVPRO’s goal on a mold remediation job is to reduce mold spore to normal levels after removing multiplying colonies. When we assess the scenario, we look for any hidden growth behind structural components as well as visible organisms. Mold needs only water and oxygen, not light, to proliferate and grows quietly behind walls and above ceilings.

We contain the moldy area, usually using heavy-duty plastic draping and the assistance of a negative pressure air scrubber to seal edges and then vent any airborne contaminants. Mechanical scraping and brushing followed by vacuuming remove the majority of surface-living mold. Porous materials can be saved in some cases by mild abrasive action, such as soda blasting. We double bag the fungal debris and dispose of it as directed by local hazardous waste management rules. EPA-registered antimicrobial treatment inhibits a resurgence of the mold, especially if moisture sources are eliminated as well.

Storm Damage
With the many waterways and higher elevations surrounding and traversing Crossville, flood damage is a constant concern. Our area receives more than the country’s average precipitation for a year. If rain and wind intensify during a storm, the consequences can be dire for your home. If you contact us for emergency disaster recovery services after a severe storm, be confident that we can help with all challenges.

Floodwaters are by definition highly contaminated, carrying mud, organic and inorganic debris, and even sewage and chemical runoff. SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified crews adapt to the conditions we find at your home, shoveling silt and removing dead animals if needed, as well as securing your exterior from wind or rain damage. As we begin water removal efforts, we are aware that the fluids are potentially toxic. Our employees don personal protective equipment (PPE) and consider the use of air scrubbers to mitigate airborne contaminants. The Category 3 floodwater needs containment and disposal as hazardous waste. We are familiar with the local protocol and follow it.

Intensive cleaning and disinfecting with EPA-registered products follow to inhibit any pathogen growth. Our team then uses its expertise to dry out the flooded areas of your home. Air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers are placed strategically to create the conditions where absorbed water releases as vapor, ready for containment and disposal. We work persistently until your home is clean, dry, and sanitized.

SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties is prepared to respond to any residential or commercial disaster, transforming disruption and confusion back to preloss condition with professionalism and compassion. Call us at (931) 250-5333. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

The Different Cleaning Actions We Use To Restore Your Fire Damaged Home In Crossville

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

Any time something burns on your Crossville property, soot removal can become a large part of the restoration process.

Fire Damage Experts In Crossville Describe The Different Cleaning Actions

Any time something burns on your Crossville property, soot removal can become a large part of the restoration process. Smoke can add to your overall fire damage situation when it solidifies in the form of soot residues and soils. These soils can adhere to the various surfaces in your home and can sometimes be difficult to remove. When cleaning soot residues, our SERVPRO technicians utilize a variety of techniques.

When cleaning soot created by fire damage in your Crossville home, the idea is to break the link between the surface and the soil it is covering. For this to happen, one of these four cleaning actions must be implemented.

1. Mechanical Action
Known by some as "elbow grease," scrubbing and physical agitation can help dislodge soil particles. Even if our SERVPRO technicians know they need to use another method, we still often use mechanical action first. Loosening up the dirt can allow the other cleaning actions to work more effectively.

2. Lubrication
When surfaces get lubricated, they get slippery. Lubrication can help break the bond between the surface and the soil. The idea is that soils will get washed away by water or other chemicals if the surface is slippery enough.

3. Chemical Action
Chemical action occurs when one substance chemically changes or alters another molecule. Chemical action gets used in cleaning to alter the chemical composition of the soot residue. Once the soil molecules change, they no longer adhere to surfaces making them easily wiped or washed away.

4. Suspension and Dispersion
The most commonly used cleaning action is to suspend and disperse particles once their bond to the surface has loosened up. Suspension can take place when soil dissolves into a cleaning product. It can also occur when a soil emulsifies into a product.

Many cleaning operations use all of these cleaning actions. For example, when cleaning your car, you use water pressure to agitate the dirt, then soap to lubricate and chemically loosen up the soils. Suspension and dispersion then take place when the dirt combines with the soapy water and runs down into the ground.

If you ever notice soot residue inside your Fairfield Glade, Crab Orchard, or Sunbright home, call SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties at (931) 250-5333 any day of the week because We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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What You Can do When Water Damage Occurs at Your Crossville Hotel

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let water damage keep guests from checking into your hotel. Call SERVPRO for fast water damage remediation.

Is Your Crossville Hotel Affected By Water Damage? Give Us A Call!

Hotels are intended to offer the most comfortable and welcoming experience possible for customers. One pipe leak in your Crossville hotel can flood several rooms within a matter of hours, forcing you to act quickly to mitigate water damage. When faced with such a problem, you should contact a company that can act rapidly to get you back on your feet.  

If a broken pipe in your Crossville hotel is causing water damage in your rooms, then you should contact professionals from SERVPRO. Our water damage restoration technicians (WRT) can arrive at your business within hours, allowing us to help you get your doors open as soon as possible.  

In the few hours before we arrive, there are several things you and your employees can do to help with water damage mitigation. To avoid permanent water lines from forming on your hotel room furniture, you should use wet rags to wipe down the wooden sections of affected beds, dressers, and chairs. Once our SERVPRO technicians arrive, we must use up precious time searching for the source of your water troubles. You can search for potential leaks in your bathrooms to help minimize our inspection period. Additionally, you can mop up some of the spillages to reduce the amount of time we spend extracting water.  

After locating and plugging the source of the flooding, we can begin removing standing waters with the use of industrial grade wet vacs. Upholstery, bedding, and cushions that came into contact with the water can be hung up to air dry or run through your cleaning room driers for a faster drying process.  

Carpeting can often be the most challenging part of a room to dry, but it is usually the most vital. Wet carpeting can facilitate mold growth in your floors or can disguise water damage below. To avoid this, we use specialized carpet removal tools to strip off wet sections of your carpet and dry them with the use of dehumidifiers and air movers.  

Hotels need to maximize the number of rooms they have open to thrive as a business. Unfortunately, an unforeseen leak or broken pipe can force you to close several rooms to customers and can incur high long-term costs if the water unless quick water restoration takes place. If your business has been the victim of commercial water damage then contact SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties at (931) 250-5333.

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