What our Customers say...


Your company is a lifesaver. I never thought my home could look the same after the water damage. Amazing work by your entire team! 

I did not know about this company before you came out to my house after the fire struck. I am so thankful and impressed by the work that you did, that I will make sure everyone I know recognizes your company. 

Your team was so fast and so knowledgeable. I am very grateful for all of the effort each technician put in to restoring my home. 

Over the years, I’ve dealt with a few bouts of flooding in my basement. When it got too bad for me, I called this company. They showed up a very short time later and made quick work of the water. Even helped me repair where it was coming into the house. Very impressed. 

I wish my own employees had half of the work ethic that I witnessed from your technicians. They were tirelessly pushing on until the restoration was finished. Really speaks to the company as a whole. 

I am still unsure how the fire started, but the memory of that awful day is fading after your team restored our home.

After the storm disaster, SERVPRO took care of everything for me to get my home back in order. They even helped me talk to my insurance company.

I now feel safe again in my home after SERVPRO cleaned up the mold problem for me. I’m so grateful for your prompt service.

If not for SERVPRO, we’d have lost several production days at the warehouse after we experienced a fire.

When my kids overflowed our bathtub, SERVPRO was able to clean up the mess and repair the damage in no time. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Thank you so much for helping us clean up that mess! We would have been lost without you.

I got scared out of my wits when a tree came crashing through my roof during the big storm. I’m so glad your team was able to fix it up.

Once I realized my sink had a bad leak, I called you for help. This saved me a lot of lost time in running my café. Thank you!

Thank you for doing such a great job cleaning up our home after the big leak. You really saved us from so much more damage!

I knew that mold was not something I should ignore, so when I found some I called your team in right away for help. Thanks for your great work!

My shop got dried out quickly after I called you in for help. I am so glad I called you first.

Our basement in Lake Tansi flooded from a broken downspout while we were away.  It brought gallons of water and mud into the house.  SERVPRO removed all the standing water and cleaned up the mess the first day, and then had the basement dry in just a couple of days.  The workers new just what to do.

We thought the soot and odors could never be removed without demolishing our kitchen, but you got them clean and we can't smell smoke at all.  Your crew was so helpful too.

Our cabin in Sparta had a roof leak sometime in July and the water had been coming in for weeks.  The place was full of mold.  We thought it was a total loss, but SERVPRO cleaned it and got rid of the ruined carpet an drywall quickly, so there is just a little left to repair.  Carpet was old and needed to be replaced anyway.  Thanks to Scot and Kelly for getting in quickly and cleaning up the mess.

So great to have a SERVPRO close by our home in Fairfield Glade!  They were here less than an hour after I called and started working immediately.  Great people to work with and did a terrific job.  Our house is back in order.