What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

The wind knocked a tree over into our house and flooded my second floor. I can’t even tell now that any of that happened. Amazing work.

Hurricane season did a number on our house, but thanks to you, it has never looked better.

Over the years, I’ve dealt with a few bouts of flooding in my basement. When it got too bad for me, I called this company. They showed up a very short time later and made quick work of the water. Even helped me repair where it was coming into the house. Very impressed. 

After the storm disaster, SERVPRO took care of everything for me to get my home back in order. They even helped me talk to my insurance company.

I got scared out of my wits when a tree came crashing through my roof during the big storm. I’m so glad your team was able to fix it up.

Our basement in Lake Tansi flooded from a broken downspout while we were away.  It brought gallons of water and mud into the house.  SERVPRO removed all the standing water and cleaned up the mess the first day, and then had the basement dry in just a couple of days.  The workers new just what to do.