What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

Thank you for coming so quickly to inspect the property for mold growth, and for your fast work to remove what you found.

Thanks to your SERVPRO team, our home is mold free and we can breathe easier. You’re the best.

Your team was so fast and so knowledgeable. I am very grateful for all of the effort each technician put in to restoring my home. 

I now feel safe again in my home after SERVPRO cleaned up the mold problem for me. I’m so grateful for your prompt service.

I knew that mold was not something I should ignore, so when I found some I called your team in right away for help. Thanks for your great work!

Our cabin in Sparta had a roof leak sometime in July and the water had been coming in for weeks.  The place was full of mold.  We thought it was a total loss, but SERVPRO cleaned it and got rid of the ruined carpet an drywall quickly, so there is just a little left to repair.  Carpet was old and needed to be replaced anyway.  Thanks to Scot and Kelly for getting in quickly and cleaning up the mess.