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SERVPRO Is Certified In Mold Remediation

9/12/2023 (Permalink)

mold on wall Take care of mold as fast as possible in your home or business

When you find microbial growth in your Sparta, TN home , it's definitely a reason to be concerned. You'll want to make sure the issue is taken care of by a company that is correctly certified in mold remediation. This is when you need to make sure that whoever you choose has been certified to the highest standards. Look for a certified mold company that has the experience and the knowledge to clean your home safely and completely. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is among the most prominent professional groups that develop standards for remediation of mold. This organization helps establish the right protocols for the inspection and evaluation of properties suspected of containing mold. The standards from IICRC are developed through a rigorous process involving a large group of stakeholders.

Mold Certification Matters

Mold is a complex organism and should be handled by a professional with mold certification. It consists of microscopic spores that thrive in a humid environment. A company that is certified in remediation will follow a process that should include the following vital steps:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Containment of mold
  • Treatment of the source of moisture
  • A process of cleaning and sanitizing
  • Treatment of affected structures and contents
  • Restoration

A certified mold remediation company will have the training and equipment necessary to clean your home. Look for a remediation team that follows IICRC standards.

There Are Many Reasons Why Mold Should Be Removed From a Home or Business

Mold contains many irritants and allergens that can affect the health of your family and coworkers. It can also cause a musty odor to be present in the home or business. The visual affects of mold are also unpleasant and can affect the property value. The presence of mold also lets you know that there is excess moisture and high humidity present. It is a good idea to find the source of this moisture. A properly certified mold technician can locate the presence of moisture and safely clean your home or business. A certified professional can also clean the contents in your structure that have been tainted by mold.


Understanding How Mold Can Grow In Your Crossville Home

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

Mold will develop when there is a leak in your home and needs to be treated by professionals to prevent the spread.

Mold Remediation Professionals In Crossville Discuss Problems With Kitchen Sinks

Your kitchen is one room inside your Crossville house that is susceptible to water leaks. If a slow leak goes unnoticed for an extended period, a situation could develop where you have to call in a professional mold remediation company such as SERVPRO. Your kitchen has water and sewage pipes running in and out of it. Your kitchen sink is one area that has sewage pipes running out of it as well as hot and cold water running into it. If a slow leak develops in one of the pipes running close to your kitchen sink and organic substances stay wet for more than 24 hours, then mold remediation inside your kitchen may become a necessity.

If one of the pipes inside your sink cabinets leak, then the moisture can cause the wood making up your cabinets to get contaminated. Once a fungus develops on the surface of your cabinetry, mold remediation in your Crossville home is necessary to prevent the spreading of reproductive spores. Once an organic substance like the wood that makes up your cabinets gets wet, microbes can activate and form structures called hyphae. These hyphae can then spread into your wooden cabinets, out of the surface and across it. Once these fungal structures begin to develop, they start to release their seed-like spores into the air.

The spores then float around your structure until they find another place to settle. Whenever we show up to an emergency call, our SERVPRO team first takes measure to inhibit the spreading of spores. We accomplish this task by establishing containment of the affected area by using a plastic barrier.

Once the containment chamber is set up, we attach an air scrubber to a hole in the plastic. This machine creates negative air pressure within the chamber. This causes any particles in the air to get sucked into the air scrubber that is equipped with a HEPA filter that traps microscopic particles from exiting the plastic barrier. Any time you notice a fungus develop near your kitchen sink and need mold remediation, it is wise to call SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan, & White Counties at (931) 250-5333 right away.

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What To Do After A Mold Infestation Has Damaged Your Crab Orchard Home

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Mold growth is something that you should take care of immediately, and our rapid response team can help!

Insurance Claims For Damages From Mold In Your Crab Orchard Home

Often when disasters and unfortunate circumstances impact your Crab Orchard home, the primary concern for the homeowner is the cost of the repair, restoration, or remediation required. As common of a request as this might be, costs of services often vary based on the severity of the problem and the steps required to return your home to its preloss condition, despite the damage that it has sustained. Often homeowners look to their insurance providers to foot the bill, but this might not always be the best approach to take.

Understanding the importance of removing mold damage from your Crab Orchard residence immediately is one thing, but getting the process paid for is another. We offer a comprehensive approach to removing mold growth from your property and restoring the damage it has caused “Like it never even happened.”

One of the first calls that homeowners often make is to their insurance provider. Many policies do not offer property damage coverage for situations like mold and fungal growth, but your insurance representative should provide you with a rundown of your options, if any, for reducing or eliminating your costs with a variety of claim. It might be advisable to contact our SERVPRO professionals before you choose to file a claim with your insurance, however.

When you contact our professionals first, we can arrive quickly to begin stopping the spread of the colonies throughout your home and preventing the situation from getting worse than it is. We also do a thorough inspection and cost analysis throughout this initial visit, including documentation of damages and a loss report. We can provide this evidence to your insurance provider to help expedite the claim you want to file. You might also find that our estimated costs do not exceed or only partly exceed a deductible you are responsible for, making it ill-advised to potentially raise your home insurance rates to file a claim.

Mold growth is something that you should take care of immediately, and our SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties rapid response team can help. Give SERVPRO a call anytime that you need us at (931) 250-5333.

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A Leak Behind Your Shower Can Cause Mold Damage In Your Harriman Home

9/5/2018 (Permalink)

Mold damage can be one of the trickiest types of damage to identify inside your home.

Mold Damage In Your Home

Mold damage can be one of the trickiest types of damage to identify inside your home. However, it is usually safe to call for professional help if you smell a constant musty odor in one place. Mold colonies usually grow due to a sudden increase in the moisture levels of your home, whether it is caused by excess humidity or water damage. The solution to this problem is not trying to rid your home of all of the mold spores that exist inside. In fact, it is impossible, as mold spores are omnipresent and harmless by themselves.

The mold damage inside of your Harriman home is an unfortunate side effect of leaky plumbing behind your shower. Should the mold damage be left without any remediation, it can cause further complications in the future. Mold growth leads to the decomposition of organic material, like the wooden structure of your walls. If left long enough, it can make the structure of your home less stable.

While you may not be able to see any physical signs of the mold, it may be wise for you to call for professional help if you begin to detect other signs, such as scent. The quicker that mold damage is remediated, the less likely it is to do further damage to your house. Not to mention, it is unwise to leave mold damage untreated because it can cause health effects.

When you call SERVPRO, we quickly assemble a team of our IICRC-certified techs and send them to your property with the proper equipment to handle the job. To begin the remediation, SERVPRO can section your bathroom off from the rest of the home, to limit the mold spores from spreading once they are agitated. After removing the tile of your shower to get to the structure behind it, our technicians can use a chemical disinfectant to clean the mold colonies. Afterward, we can spray the area down with an antifungal agent to help inhibit any potential regrowth.

Sometimes, the damage to the area can be too much and clean up is not enough. In those cases, SERVPRO can demo the area and then get you in contact with a contractor who can rebuild the space.

If you detect mold damage inside of your home, never leave it to chance. Get in touch with SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties by calling (931) 250-5333. Night or day, we are always prepared to take your call.

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The Risk of DIY Water Damage Restoration in Your Sparta Home

7/31/2018 (Permalink)

Many different types of mold can be the result of water damage that was not dealt with completely. Contact the technicians at SERVPRO to remediate.

Team SERVPRO Offers Effective Drying Out Services in an Effort to Help Prevent a Mold Infestation from Setting in

There are too many varieties of potential water incidents that can occur in your Sparta home to name. With so many sources from the fixtures on sinks to the plumbing running throughout your house, damage from water can happen with little warning and sometimes without you realizing how severe the situation actually is.

A common belief among homeowners is to assess a situation like water damages in their Sparta residence and determine if it is something that they can clean up and dry up on their own. Often, the conclusion is that with smaller-scale messes, it is more cost-effective to try and remove the damages on your own rather than to contact professional restoration services in the area.

One of the drawbacks to this approach, however, is never fully knowing how extensive the damage is. A homeowner can believe that the problem has gotten resolved when, in fact, the situation persists beyond what can get easily seen. Such is the case with spills on the floor, when not immediately tended to, can result in water penetration into the subflooring allowing for persistent dampness after the surface layer is entirely dry.
Our SERVPRO professionals have specific tools like thermal imagery to determine the farthest reaches of moisture and dampness. This assessment ensures that drying efforts are absolute. Failure to completely clear out this dampness can lead to worsening conditions for your household, however.

One of the risks that you take by not completely drying out water damages to your home is mold growth. In as little as 72 hours, mold spores can seat on organic materials in a damp area of your home and begin to colonize and spread. Not only does this pose potential health risks, but it can weaken and degrade the materials used to construct your house as well. Then, you need SERVPRO professional remediation to contend with the growing threat to your household.

If you find yourself contending with water damages in your home, you might not immediately consider the possibility of taking care of it on your own. With the possibility of occurrences like mold growth due to persistent dampness, even basic water damage situations can benefit from our SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties professional touch. Give us a call anytime at (931) 250-5333.

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Mold Damage Specialists In Sparta Explain Remediation Methods

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

Soda blasting can be done to remove mold damage from the inside our outside of your home.

Methods used to remove mold damage

Once a fungus develops inside your Sparta home, prompt remediation is necessary so that spores do not spread to other areas and create more problems. Once the mold has affected building materials, they either get removed and replaced or cleaned free of contamination. Several techniques can be employed depending on the kind of affected material and how long it has been contaminated.

Before any work begins, the area where microbial growth has occurred gets sealed off with thick plastic. During any mold damage restoration in Sparta, containment chambers are designed to trap in dust and spores created by the removal process. Air scrubbers then are attached to a hole in the chamber creating negative air pressure.

In many cases, our SERVPRO technicians remove microbial contamination using sanding, ice blasting, or soda blasting. If wall studs are affected, they can be sanded down past the contaminated surface. Other materials can be cleaned using blasting methods. Similar to sandblasting the ice and soda methods use substances other than sand in a blasting gun to remove contaminants.

Soda blasting methods use sodium bicarbonate to remove mold off of various materials. The chemicals are safe to come into contact with food and work well removing many different types of mold. The soda is abrasive and gets shot out of the blasting gun at a high rate of speed stripping the fungi from the item.

Ice blasting is similar to soda blasting but uses dry ice instead of the sodium bicarbonate chemical. Rice-sized dry ice pellets get blasted out of the gun at supersonic speeds. The ice goes from a solid state to gas without reaching the liquid phase as soon as it hits the surface. The reaction forces the contaminants into the air to be cleaned with the air scrubber.

In some cases, the section of the house impacted by microbial growth is not severe enough to require a removal process. In these situations, our SERVPRO technicians spray the area with anti-microbial chemicals. The specialized solutions work to kill spores before they become airborne.

Even when using one of the blasting methods, anti-microbial spraying often occurs as a safety measure to inhibit reproduction. If you ever need help with removing fungi, call SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties at (931) 250-5333 any time of the day.

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Discovering Widespread Mold Damage In Your Crossville Home

5/3/2018 (Permalink)

Moisture in Damp Basements of Crossville Homes Leads to Mold Damage Needing Remediation from SERVPRO

Fast and Professional Remediation Limits the Negative Effects of a Mold Infestation

You might get surprised to learn how frequently Crossville homes get impacted by mold growth; you might be even more surprised to learn how likely such an occurrence is in your own residence. This possibility is even more likely in areas that are prone to dampness and moisture but are not heavily traveled such as your basement and lower levels of your home. Mold can grow and expand throughout this area and all of its stored contents without you even realizing it.

In order for mold damage to happen to your Crossville residence, only a couple of factors need to be present. Warmer temperatures and moisture and dampness must exist in the environment. When these two elements are available dormant mold spores in the environment can thrive on organic materials present in this region of your home.

While the severity of this condition depends on when you first discover it and contact the appropriate remediators to resolve the issue, regular inspections to these less frequented areas of your home can help prevent widespread damages. Our SERVPRO professionals can perform this inspection if you are unsure as to what you need to be on the lookout for regarding mold growth, not to mention that our inspection methods are far more intricate and advanced than merely walking through the house. However, we do not do mold testing. If this is needed, and if mold is uncovered, it typically is not, then we would refer you to an outside, independent testing company.

When damage, being found that requires remediation, work gets done quickly to section off this area to prevent the spread of spores while the work is underway. If the mold damage is severe enough to require removal of these elements, the damaged areas get walled off for demolition and reinstallation. The new materials, before hanging, get sprayed with an antimicrobial solution to make them less prone to mold growth in the future.

Fighting off mold in your home might require several different approaches. No matter what your home might need to get restored and the mold damage removed, you can always trust in the applied microbial remediation technicians at SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan, & White Counties to take care of it. Give us a call today at (931) 250-5333.

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Excessive Moisture Feeds Mold Spores In Your Crossville Home

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Protects Against Structural Damage to Your Crossville Property--Call the Experts for Help--SERVPRO

SERVPRO Says--Remove the Moisture for a Thorough Mold Remediation Service

You might be under the impression that some moisture in your house, especially during the humid months might be normal for your Crossville home. The trouble is that most people do not fully appreciate the conditions that are a requirement to grow mold and fungal organisms in these moist areas of your house. With just slightly elevated temperatures and moisture in the air, spores have the resources that they need to seat on organic materials and grow into colonies.

Fighting mold damage in your Crossville home can be a challenge if the colonies are already widespread. Regardless of the severity, choosing professional mold remediation is a smart choice. This choice ensures that the job gets done promptly and professionally, limiting the possibility of it recurring after a short time
Our SERVPRO professionals get specially trained in the latest techniques and most modern equipment to remove mold colonies and to remediate the damage that mold and fungal growth can do to your home. From the expertise regarding the proper PPE to wear to prevent exposure to the quarantine and remediation processes themselves, you are in good hands.
Once our team of specialists arrives at your home, setting up a containment of the affected area to prevent the spread of active spores is critical to stopping the damage. To minimize stoppage of spore activity, your air circulation appliances and equipment need to get shut off during the entire remediation process.
Lessening the moisture in the air is another critical component of the remediation process. By eliminating the dampness, spores and colonies have lost their source of water to continue growing and thriving. The method of mold remediation begins with an inspection of the entire area to locate the point where the water and moisture have gotten through and into the room. Dehumidification equipment gets used to pull moisture from the air and may get encouraged to continue in areas that are prone to stay damp.
When you find mold growing in your home, you should waste little time in reaching out to SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties. Our experienced and professional remediation specialists can help you to eliminate the issue and restore the damage that mold has caused. Give us a call today at (931) 250-5333.

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Dry Rot Areas in Floors can Indicate Existing Mold Damage in Crossville Homes

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Cleanup in a Crossville Home Is More Complicated that Throwing Away a Petri Dish--Call SERVPRO

Expert SERVPRO Service Mitigates the Effects of Mold Infestations

It is very easy to track large amounts of rain and snowfall into your Crossville home when coming in from outside. Children's snowsuits can also hold a lot of water in their insulating fibers. Allowing saturated outerwear to drip dry near the front or back door can lead to problems over time.  

Moisture in your Crossville home can easily cause mold damage when it can freely travel around inside. Water evaporates readily only to condense elsewhere, always in the search for equilibrium. It is difficult to achieve this balance, so the cycle produces a continuous source allowing for microbes to develop into mold and mildew. When weather causes large amounts of moisture to collect near your entryways, problems can begin to develop.

Soggy carpet that seems to dry out can trick you while the moisture seeps into the padding and the underlying floorboards. Even a space heater can fail in situations like this because it only forces the moisture to evaporate, with no means to collect that same moisture. Instead of developing mold and mildew on the lower areas near the door, higher areas become more prone, instead.

To prevent this from becoming a problem, hanging wet clothes over the tub can contain the water and allow it to drain away safely. Placing shoes and boots on a rack, also in the tub, and then running them through the clothes dryer after they dry a bit can help keep moisture in the home from rising too much. Many factors can contribute to excess humidity in the home, why not eliminate known sources?

SERVPRO technicians hold certificates from the IICRC in Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT). We understand how mold colonies live, travel, and affect your home. Because mold eats at the materials it infiltrates, these weaken and form soft areas. Mold does not stay in one place and travels via spores into other areas of your dwelling. Our moisture meters detect areas that contain elevated levels of moisture, which we can dry out, pointing us in the direction of possible mold colonization.

To help kill any mold that somehow escaped, we use hydroxyl generating machines because of the safety of the gas produced. Unlike ozone, hydroxyl does not require people and pets to stay out of the treated area. We can also safely treat areas with damp carpet or plants when using hydroxyl. Using this also provides us with excellent results. Air scrubbers are also used during demolition and restoration work to capture mold debris and spores in HEPA filtered devices.

SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties is ready to help you combat mold damage in your home. Call us at (931) 250-5333 so we can remediate mold in your home through our 24-hour services.

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We Eliminate Odors from Mold Damage in Crossville at the Source

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Our professional team uses the latest technology to detect where the hidden mold is coming from in your home.

SERVPRO Can Remediate Mold Infestations And Odors From Your Crossville Home

Odors can often be among the most troubling parts of a mold colony in your home. Some types of mold emit strong, foul or musty odors that can persist for months or years after the mold dies off. Less experienced mold remediation companies sometimes leave smells behind as a telling indicator of past damage in the area. SERVPRO makes a point to eliminate all odors that result from mold damage in Crossville, using our detailed inspections data and specially-designed equipment to find the odor's source and eliminate it.

Finding the Source

In most cases, the origin of these foul smells in your home should be centered around the physical, visible mold damage in your Crossville home. However, this may not be the only offending spot: there could be additional mold patches in other parts of the area, collections of odorous particles in or near air vents, or additional unnatural odors in the home. We find the source of these smells using our state-of-the-art inspection and detection equipment, which includes devices such as water sensors and thermohygrometers to find additional sources of smell and odor.

Removing the Odors

Just knowing where the smell is coming from is not very useful unless you also have a plan to remove the odor from the area. SERVPRO uses industrial-strength fogging machines to distribute an even, far-reaching deodorizing fog that seeks out and neutralizes odor-causing particles in the air and your home's materials.

Preventing Future Problems

Our mold remediation service is designed to be thorough so that you should have as little chance as possible at suffering another mold infestation in the future. By eliminating sources of excess water, removing and sanitizing visible mold growth, and filtering spores from the air, we help to stop future problems before they ever get an opportunity to start growing.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Cumberland, Morgan & White Counties is available around the clock, every day of the week to respond to your call for help. If your home may have signs of mold damage, call us at (931) 250-5333.

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